Snoring Solution


snoring-solSnoring solutions are in demand nowadays; many people are suffering from this sleeping disorder. Snoring can be a minor inconvenience if we consider the sound level and it can be dangerous for your health if you’re waking up many times a night because your brain is not getting enough oxygen.

Those people nearby you are suffering too they might not get enough sleep, or they cannot reach deep sleep, and by this their next day performance will be lousy. Read on and find out some great snoring solutions to cure the problem.

Effect of lack of sleep
The lack or quality of the sleep can lead to many things like mood swings, great irritation state, and low focusing skill and in extreme cases, it can destroy relationships. There are so many reasons why snoring can occur there is not a universal cure for it. Continue reading on, and you will find some easy and effective treatments.


Side sleeping
One good snoring solution is sleeping on the side. Going through some statistical data sleeping on the back is one of the main reasons why people snore, changing the position how you sleep can be as simple as it gets. At first, it is not easy if you have accustomed your self-sleeping on your back for many many years, each time when you go to sleep on your side, it not only cures snoring but it’s beneficial for the spine. To keep yourself from rolling back to your back try hugging a pillow or putting a pillow behind your back.

Raising of height of your head

Another good solution is to raise the height of your head, use, and extra pillow, so your body will be slightly lower than your head, this will prevent your airways to be blocked. The main snoring solution is simply that anybody can apply.

Avoid as much as possible big meals before you go to sleep, this snoring solution relies on preventing snoring altogether. Keep a 3-hour window between a large meal and sleeping time. Also, try not to drink any alcohol during this window. Alcohol and large meals tend to relax the throat muscles so they might obscure the air path leading to snoring.

These were a few simple but effective snoring solutions, most times if you use common sense then you can easily get rid of the snoring problem. Don does not forget getting rid of snore will help you get a good night sleep and it will keep you from health hazards.


Along with natural snoring solutions, there are also solutions for snoring that can be bought in the store. There some strips that can be placed on the nose, known for opening up the nasal passages so that breathing can be better and sleep better, without snoring. These nasal strips are quite popular among snorers, and most people notice a significant change in their sleep.

Along with the strips, there are also mouthpieces that can be worn at night for people who snore. The majority of individuals who snore have noticed a huge difference and a major decrease in their snoring after they started wearing the mouthpiece, which happens to be custom fitted.

4 REAL Ways To Make Money From Home for retirees

There are many home-based businesses and people out there attempting to get you to sign up for one. Many are frauds. What we’ve decided to do today on is give you actual, real, legitimate ways to make money from home which we’ve personally investigated, and vouch for. 


good businesses to start in retirementMaybe you are raising your kids and you want to continue making money. Perhaps you are older and can’t commit to a full-time employment. Or you may be sick or disabled, making it hard for you to travel to and from work on a daily basis.

Whatever the reason may be, if you are stuck at home all day everyday, you have probably thought about the money you could make working from home. There are dozens of genuine ways to earn extra cash from home. Here are a few tips on how to make money from home.

Fortunately, there are a lot of retirees starting businesses.

Taking photos

This is simply an easy way to make extra money from home. If you have a good camera, you can take best quality shots and list them to different photo sites. These platforms get millions of visitors each day that are interested in buying quality images.

People who want to portray some important moments of their lives will also hire you to take their photos. If you are just starting out, chances are you won’t have top-notch gear to take quality shots. Good news: There are a plethora of places that can lease you all the gear you need.


Do you love teaching? If your answer is yes, you can earn money by teaching students or anyone who may need help as long as you choose a subject in which you have a fair amount of knowledge. You can also create educational materials and sell them to students or teachers who may need them—things such as worksheets, activities, teaching plans and other things that you may have created yourself.

You can also sell your educational materials to others via websites like eNotes and Teachers Pay Teachers.

Dog sitting

If you love pets, dog sitting and boarding can be a fun and easy way to make cash from home. As most families own a dog and many of them go to work without their pets, there’s a lot of cash to be made by providing these services.

You can start your own dog-sitting business at home or sign up as a dog sitter through, a website that offers dog boarding and pet sitting services. Whatever option you choose, the dogs have to be fed, given water and any medicine they may require.


This can be another unique way to make money from home as people all over the globe are fond of wearing different attractive types of clothes. If you have a sewing talent, you can create and sell your clothing from home.

You don’t need to know how to stitch everything. If you can turn out an excellent duvet cover, pant or matching pillow cases, then create business cards and pass them to your local fabric stores, dry cleaners and pin them on as many bulletin boards as you possibly can.

These are some of the genuine ways you can make some extra cash from home. Like other jobs, these jobs require an investment of both time and energy. While they will to make you a fortune, they can give you a reasonable second income.

Thanks for reading our ideas for retiree based businesses

Over Macho Grande- Hair Regrowth Revolutionary or Baldness Benedict Arnold?

In one of the stranger displays of pseudo intelligence I have ever seen, a person going by the name of Over Macho Grande attempts to boast the most revolutionary hair regrowth laser that has ever been made.

And even better, the helmet is a “one size fits most” which magically makes it an exceedingly affordable option because you can use it and then your friends and family can use it too. Over Macho Grande, aka John Christian is an online phenomenon who sells home-made LLLT helmets on the internet, but who does not have an automated shopping cart on his website where he claims everyone can purchase one of these helmets. Immediately suspect.

fda cleared hair laserAnother concern some have regarding the helmet is the simple fact that the technology and treatment are not FDA approved or cleared in any capacity.

What you would be investing in, essentially, is a homemade, sketchy looking helmet that utilizes non-regulated laser technology to stimulate hair growth… who knows if it would burn the hair right off of your scalp, rather than growing any former hair back.

I mean, I’ll never know, because when I contacted OMG to purchase one and put it up against the other LLLT helmets with which I’m familiar (iGrow and Theradome), he flat out acted like the German Stasi, digging into my own online publications on the web regarding reviews I did for iGrow where I was paid $50 a visit for 4 visits to measure progress on a free iGrow-issued helmet when I took part in a focus group study performed by Super People in Los Angeles in 2013.

Mr. Christian’s first impression that he makes to potential buyers is below expectations on a good day. His first real and true statement to the public is this claim that someone stole his original helmet that looks like it is meant to torture someone. It just wreaks of a lack of professionalism, a statement that continues on with other aspects of this company.

over macho grande laser
actual picture of Over Macho Grande

Another of the problems that most people are going to come across when trying to find anything out about this product is that the website is a cluster of attacking rhetoric and little about the product itself.

Mr. Christian appears to lack the sense of a reputable, business savvy and stable individual to be able to check his ego at the door, run, and actually expand his business in a meaningful and free market way in spite of the setback that supposedly befell him. It is this egomaniacal attitude that drives Mr. Christian to think he has the best product on the market, and that he is the smartest contender in this market as well.

It is also this sense of being better than everyone else that makes him selective on who he actually approves to buy the product. Whether this is some sort of sense of elitism, where he only wants the richer to buy his product, or more of a sense of him just wanting to make sure he thinks he can trust the buyer, the demand for his product is not high enough for this market strategy to do anything but drive him from the market.

This elitism makes him appear as a traitor to the hair regrowth community that is really and truly out to help everyone who is ashamed of their rapidly balding head. Despite his attempts to connect with Americans by standing in front of the Constitution, his ability to select and discriminate against people is hypocritical and unpatriotic.

omg hair laser messiah
actual picture of Over Macho Grande

So is Over Macho Grande’s Laser Messiah II worth your money?

The easy answer is no.

You could spend your money on any other flaky product and feel more comfortable with your purchase than you would buying the Over Grande Macho. Save your money, invest it in something far more practical and regulated, that way you at least know it should be safe to use and operate without catastrophe striking.

Or at least don’t buy your hair regrowth from a mini-tyrant who privately investigates any potential buyer. CREEPY!

He also calls other tried and tested makers of laser hair therapy products scammers, yet the price of his product can reach upwards of $1200, which is still $400 more than the Theradome, which has the most lasers of any commercially available device, and $500 more than the iGrow, which offers 21 lasers and 30 LEDs. But at least if I tried to buy one of theirs, they wouldn’t discriminate! Theradome and iGrow even gave me free helmets to try out, even though they knew I was a vlogger that did product reviews of their competitors.

If you’re going to make such large and dramatic claims, then you should be willing to let people buy your product and test it out, and contribute to the free market that America was founded upon.

Or at least don’t deface the US Constitution.

The Biggest Internet Frauds of 2016- Be Wary!

With the growth of the internet, almost every business is initiating its first contact with clients online. The web has opened an avenue where everybody can be a seller and anybody can be a buyer. Even for businesses with a physical location, most customers today prefer to have their first interaction online before deciding to walk to the store.

While the internet has come with a lot of opportunities, it has also paved ways for fraudsters to deep their ugly hands into your financial pockets. Today, most of the biggest and harrowing frauds are happening online. A study by Gartner Research shows that at least 70% of frauds have a web origin.

To help you stay on the lookout, we have compiled a list of the top five common and popular frauds to avoid in 2016 and beyond.

Full throttle car wrap advertising scam

Imagine receiving an email from a “reputable” energy drinks company offering to pay you a whopping $400 per week to have their advertising bumper stickers on your car. The email appears to be very formal and company agents are even willing to communicate with you through the phone.

Within a few days of interaction, you receive the first check with instructions to deduct your $400, and wire transfer the remaining amount to the graphic artist who will be installing the wraps on your car. Won’t you be smiling all the way to the bank, ready to cash in your check and enjoy the fruits of no labor?

I bet you would; that is what the victims of these fraudsters have been doing. You will deposit the check as required and even wire transfer the “extra” money to the purported graphic artist. A few days later you receive a call from the bank asking you to pay the bounced check fees for the check you cashed in was counterfeit, and therefore can’t be processed.

To top it all, the money that you wire-transferred to the graphic artist is gone, never to be traced. You have joined the long list of unsuspecting individuals who have fallen into the hands of fraudsters while trying to supplement their income.

Some of the brand names mostly used by these scammers include the full throttle and Rockstar Energy drinks.

The Craigslist overpayment scam

If you have been selling things on Craigslist, you will agree with me that this platform is the home to most informal business negotiations on the internet. While most people have been able to strike amazing deals on the site, there are those who have fallen into the hands of fraudsters.

The fraud begins when the buyer sends you a check that is much more than the price of the product you sold to them. Once you receive the check, they will contact you claiming to have made a mistake and ask you to wire the extra money back to them.

Like a good soldier of Christ, you will wire the overpaid amount as requested only to be contacted by the bank that your check didn’t go through because it was counterfeit. At this point, the buyer is untraceable and the bank is on your shoulders demanding that you pay the bounced check fees.

Recurring Billing Scam

bedroom guardian scamSome product makers convince buyers to hand over their credit card to purchase their product, then put in the fine print that they will continue to be charged and auto shipped new product every month. It can take several months before you realize you are still being charged.

Often times the product is not worth buying once, much less twice and so on. One such example is the Bedroom Guardian Scam. They are a bed bug company headed by someone living in Hong Kong, marketed online by someone who has admitted to inverting his company and legally moving it overseas to avoid paying US taxes, and have multiple negative remarks with the Better Business Bureau.

Bedroom Guardian continues to charge you for a tiny amount of product until you call their Phillipines based call center and cancel, which can take hours. Some people have gone months before being able to cancel and it continues to be a potential threat to your monthly income and credit rating.

The Online Escrow Service Scam

As a buyer on craigslist, you contact a seller regarding an expensive item such as a car or a boat that is selling at a considerable price. You negotiate with the seller and settle on a price that is very favorable to you. For the protection of both of you, the seller requests you open an escrow account with a specific provider.

You have never heard of this provider but as the seller puts it, they are the best in the market right now. With the excitement of getting the best deal ever, you open the escrow account with the seller’s suggested provider and deposit the funds.

Once the funds hit the account, the provider ceases to exist and the seller disappears. You have fallen into the trap of fraudulent seller with fake escrow services. To avoid this scam, always ensure that you use a well-known escrow services provider.

Weight-loss products scams

With most of us struggling with weight loss issues, the scammers are taking advantage and selling us fake products with a promise that we will see the results in a few days. Some of these scammers have gone a little bit far by introducing poisonous products that have ended killing consumers.

For instance, a diet pill known as DNP, which is said to increase the body’s speed to burn off fat, have been found to be highly toxic when ingested in large amounts. The pill contains Dinitrophenol, a lethal substance used as a pesticide. Most of these fake weight-loss products are sold online by unlicensed dealers.

In the recent past, weight-loss products from companies such as HCG Diet direct, LeanSpa, Sensa products, and L’occitane have been identified as fake and banned by the Federal Trade Commission. While the crackdown is still on, there are still other fake products selling online. To avoid these scams, always ensure that you do proper research on a product before purchase.

The premium bottled water scam

Forget about big items such as cars and boats, if you are not careful, you might find yourself spending $50 or more on a bottle of water. While water is a legally saleable commodity, there is no reason to inflate its value and sell it at ridiculous prices.

What these companies do to get you on the hook is to present the water in a poetic language with lies that water is not just water. Some of these bottled water company will even tell you that their water structure has been altered and hence has the capabilities to help you maintain good health, youth, and vigor.

If you happen to stumble on one of these online bottled premium water companies, always remember that water is just water and you do not have to pay a fortune for it.

With the increasing rate of fraud in 2016, it is time to be on the lookout for the above frauds and many others.

Four common online sales scam you should be wary of

Scams in buying car onlineIf you have been shopping online, you must be familiar with the infamous automatic billing strategy. With the many horrifying stories of people who have had their saving accounts cleaned by an erratic automatic billing, consumers have become very wary of this system. Today, very few people are willingly allowing an unknown seller to make automatic charges on their accounts.

Even as consumers continue to gain awareness of the dangers of erratic recurring billing, the scammers have upped their game to include other sophisticated methods. Below are some of the online sales scams that you should be wary. 

Selling a photograph instead of the real item.

In this sales scam, the seller lists a high demand item on a site such as eBay at a ridiculously low price. An unsuspecting buyer then bids for the item, and once the payments have been completed, the seller posts a printed photograph of the item claiming that it was what the listing was all about. 

To avoid this type of sales scam, ensure that you have read the listing thoroughly before making a purchase. Also, if there is no explanation as to why the item is selling at a very low price, you have a reason to be suspicious.

Payments from a fake PayPal accounts.

If you are selling an item online, you must be careful of falling into the fake PayPal account trap. In this type of scam, the seller receives a PayPal confirmation email that the buyer has paid, only to realize after sending the goods that email was a fake, and no money was deposited in the account.

To avoid this type of sales scam, ensure that you check your PayPal account balance before sending the goods. Avoid clicking the links in the email for they might lead you to a fake PayPal account. If you are selling on eBay, be suspicious if you receive the PayPal email before the eBay sale notification.

A fake copycat listing.

Another way online scammers are stealing from buyers is through copycat listings. In this form of fraud, the scammer duplicates a real listing on sites such as Craiglist or eBay and poses as a real seller. Once a buyer is identified, the seller lures them to making a deal outside the listing site. The buyer makes payments only to realize that they were not dealing with the real seller, and they have been conned.

Unfortunately, for those who are wondering whether this product works or it’s just another internet “scam”, Bed Defense presents no link to any specific clinical studies. This means you to find the effectiveness of these products; you would have to research on your own.

This type of scam can be avoided by making payments on delivery. Also, ensure that you double check the sellers profile and ask them for more details and pictures of the item for sale.

The phone call collection.

In this type of online scam, an item for sale is listed with a shipping option. A buyer calls the seller and suggests that since he is in the area, he would rather collect it in person. The unsuspicious seller agrees, and the item is collected after the payments have been made through PayPal.

Days later, the buyer contacts PayPal requesting for a refund with a claim that the item was never shipped. Given that there is no evidence of shipping, PayPal assumes that the item was never delivered, and the reverse transaction is done. The seller cannot claim anything since they have no evidence of delivering the item.

To avoid this type of scam, stick to the shipping plan and ensure that you have evidence that the item has been delivered to the buyer.