Protecting Your Retirement, 401k and IRA from the Next Recession

Over 50% of CEOs surveyed predict a recession is unavoidable

Over half of all CEOs polled in a recent study and over 60% of all CFOs say that a global economic recession will be upon us by Q1 of 2021. There simply is not enough buying activity from main street to justify the high price to earnings ratios of most stocks on the S&P and the Dow Jones right now.

How to Safeguard Your 401k or IRA from a Stock Market Correction

More than ten thousand baby boomers enter retirement everyday and over half of them have investments in the stock and equities market. None of their financial advisers are going to tell them to sell their stocks and sit in something safer like cash, they’re going to have to figure that out themselves.

The first and most important thing to do is to take care of that old 401k with your previous employer. You may not even know what’s in it, and the investments may not fare well during the next recession.

A good thing to do is to make sure 60 – 70% of your 401k or IRA are in something safe like treasuries and bonds. While you may not continue to make perceived gains from the stock market, you’ll avoid major losses when it crashes down.

One of the best investments you can consider is precious metals, because gold and silver are incredibly undervalued right now. This is why a many Americans are getting a rollover from their 401k or IRA into a Gold IRA for extra security, and to enjoy the gold bull market once it resumes again.

401k to Gold IRA rollover guide

Fewer people are Having Sex and Jewelry Stores are shutting down en masse

It should not come as a shock to most people who understand the growing number of young people still living at home with their parents, that less Americans are having sex since 1989.

To add to this newfound involuntary celibacy, younger Americans are not getting married, having kids, buying homes, or even new cars the same way baby boomers used to. This is largely due to massive student loan debt and a shortage of real jobs that people could make a career out of.

Consequently Zale’s and Jared’s jewelers have started closing down over 300 stores in the last 2 years in an effort to meet deceasing consumer demand.

Many shopping malls are seeing less foot traffic as well, and the vacancies at the once great American shopping mall are starting to make an age old institution start to look more like a ghost town.

Americans owe $700K per person to pay off all government debt

If you thought the federal debt was only $22,000,000,000,000.00 USD (still unable to ever be paid off), then you’ll be in awe to learn the real national debt is around $100 trillion.

This is because there is nothing in place to pay for social security, medicaid and medicare. No one knows how we’ll ever balance a federal budget if we ever do, again.

Recent Federal Reserve Chairmen are Trying to Keep the Stock Market Bubble Inflated

Can you trust the Federal Reserve? I don’t think they can even trust themselves.

After a 2018 where they continuously raised interest rates to increase the federal funds rate, a stock market collapse in the making at the year’s end caused Federal Chairman Jerome Powell to renege on his promises to perform “quantitative tightening” and shrink the Fed Reserve’s balance sheet.

So, instead of getting rid of all that debt the Federal Reserve incurred over the last 10 years propping up the stock market after the Great Recession, the government basically admitted that they cannot ever return things to normal. Instead, even President Trump is publicly calling for more quantitative easing and the lowering of interest rates.

All this from a President who once called the stock market a bubble.

It’s Lights Out for the Current Economic Fraud Being Perpetrated on Americans

The Yield Curve Inverts: A Recession is On the Horizon

A traditionally correct indicator of a coming back recession was triggered on Friday, because the three month T bill rate exceeded that of the 10-year Treasury bond. What this implies is that short term government bonds are manufacturing greater return on investment than long term instuments, showing that investors have a weak read of the economy long-run.

Put in a different way, the treasury yield curve inverted.

What’s Supporting the High Prices of this Stock Market?

The Federal Reserve System recently opened up that they had no desire to raise interest rates any more for 2019, primarily admitting defeat in a plan to raise rates a minimum of four times this ucpoming year. Upon raising rates in 2018 many times to a nominal rate of solely 2.5%, the exchange began a semi-permanent dive beginning in October, and had a spectacular devaluation on Christmas Eve in 2018.

What this implies is that the FRS is confessing that the economy isn’t that robust in any case, and without 0% interest rates to ensure a lot of free cash injected into the equity and bond markets, the Dow-Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ and S&P five hundred don’t have a chance in hell to keep their upward trajectory in place.

Federal Reserve Continues to Bide Its Time

After reversing course throughout the Christmas holidays on future rate hikes, the Fed has shown their hand, and if you browse the headlines you’ll see that they’re not against dropping rates back to zero, if not going into a vicinity of negative interest rates- charging you cash for merely holding your money in an exceedingly greedy commercial bank.

But perhaps unsurprisingly this is just the result of ten years of quantitative easing, cash printing, tax cuts for the wealthy companies leading to just end up with their own stock share buybacks- events that have occurred in a deceptive time wherever client, corporate, national, and worldwide debt have soared to a combined $250 trillion that at now, everybody admits will never be paid off.

So as we sit and anticipate the worldwide debt default, it’ll be attention-grabbing to work out what happens while housing markets round the world still slide, the college student loan bubble rises to new heights, and currently record retail location closures and other people missing their automobile payments for three months straight paint the backdrop for this brewing perfect debt storm.

Indeed, the economy isn’t as robust because the “experts” are playing for “them”, and central banks around the world are quietly shopping for gold. Gold and silver are at uncomparable historical lows, and lots assume precious metals are the last undervalued investment offered since BitCoin crashed in 2018.

Many Great Ways to Invest in Precious Metals


A great way to hold gold and silver is to simply purchase it yourself online. If you have a traditional 401K or IRA and want to take out a meaningful position in precious metals, a Gold backed IRA could be beneficial to your overall portfolio, providing a tax haven, allowing for holding metals and ownership of real gold, and enabling buyers to accept delivery whenever they like.

Gold IRA rollover guide

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How Do You Know if You Have Bed Bugs?

how do you know if you have bed bugsOne of the biggest problems facing Americans today is a resurgence of a once forgotten insect which has stormed back onto the scene thirsty for victims.

This blood sucking little pest, almost completely eradicated during the middle of the 20th Century, has chosen the new millennium to make its comeback.

I’m talking of course about bed bugs. If you’ve ever had them, you already know how serious they can be.

While bed bugs are not a critical threat on your life, their presence can mean a very uncomfortable and troublesome existence nonetheless, resulting in many sleepless nights, lots of daytime fatigue and hours of decreased human productivity, and nasty, red, itchy bites.

Actually, some elderly residents of senior living centers have become anemic and weak due to the loss of blood from serious bed bugs infestations.

What do Bed Bugs Look Like?

bed bug picturesOne of the trickiest parts of dealing with bed bugs is spotting them during daylight hours. This is because not only are they tiny, with several bed bugs able to fit onto a single penny, they are the sneakiest and most clever of invaders.

They will hide nearly anywhere that keeps them from plain view, and their lunch break only lasts about 5 – 10 minutes every 10 days or so. This is what makes them so pesky.

Add this to the fact that they lay bed bug eggs which also don’t hatch for 21 days and the toddlers, also called “nymphs”, are literally transparent and see-through until they enjoy their very first blood meal.

Pest World Online also states that if you see the discarded skins and shells of small insects in your bedroom or in your mattress seams or box spring, this is one of the biggest indicators in determining How Do You Know if You Have Bed Bugs?.

Bed Bug Bites Pictures

Bed bug bites are nearly unmistakable from other insect bites such as mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and spiders, and even rashes such as poison ivy and poison oak.

bed bugs bites pictures

Fortunately, there are many solutions on the market to successfully get rid of bed bugs for good. Unfortunately, not all of them work that well, or many of them only solve part of the problem.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends an integrated pest management approach to bedbugs to include multiple licensed pesticides.

One of the most highly recommended and natural, viable bed bug killers available is what’s known as a dessicant. A dessicant is somewhat related to the material used to keep your vitamins or other pills and capsules from clumping together during storage due to moisture accumulation, you know- that thing that says “Do Not Eat”?

In the pesticide world, this dessicant powder also works to dehyrate insects of all kinds and cause them to die a very dry death. One of the top websites online that helps people specifically with such an effective bed bug treatment is

Their company has been around for about 5 years now and have already helped thousands of customers wipe out those annoying bed bugs without resorting to expensive exterminators, dangerous chemicals, or relying on a bed bug spray that only kills on contact but fails to alleviate future bed bug issues from their eggs which they laid when you weren’t watching.

No End in Sight for Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, due to a lack of awareness by the general public and local governments, according to the National Pest Management Agency (NPMA), bed bugs are only going to grow in numbers in the coming years, matched by their increasing resistance to many pesticides like pyrethroids and pyrethrins.

Since DDT was banned back in the 1970’s for use on bed bugs due to harmful side effects on humans, it’s going to take more know-how and do-it-yourself approaches by smart consumers and households around the world.

In addition to this, sometimes it’s not always bed bites. It could actually be dust mites, which to make matters worse- you can’t even see with your own eyes! Fortunately, the solutions on the Defensive End! website for bed bugs also works on dust mites too.

Signs the “Housing Market” Economy is Crashing- and How to Protect Yourself

Canadian Real Estate Sales Crashed in 2018

For the longest time in the developed world, housing has been considered an investment and an asset, not a liability, or even just a home, where ya know, people live. It is only in a massive bubble of speculation like the early 2000s where anyone can think that buying and “flipping” houses is a type of sustainable harbinger of economic growth.

In reality, it is more speculation that is profitable to people who got into the market first, and must sell out and cash out before the “greater fool” smartens up, i.e. those flippers coming in late to the game, so that they are not stuck with massive inventory to liquidate when the banks stop giving out easy loans to unqualified home buyers once the monthly mortgage bills start becoming beverage napkins on the coffee tables of the economically distressed.

Indeed, this is the nightmare many real estate and house flippers woke up to in 2007. And it’s happening again. The problem with viewing housing as an asset or even an investment, is that it forgets the fact that wage growth has been on the decline since 1971 ever since President Richard Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. I’m sure it’s just a pure coincidence though (sarcasm).

Right now Vancouver home sales have dropped 42.5% total on the year, because there are simply not enough buyers who can afford the inflated prices that pervade the current housing market. In addition to this, the most expensive houses have had major price cuts, foreign buyers have dwindled, and the overall sales volume of home sales has also dried up.

free gold investing roth ira kit

It’s Not Just Canada that is Seeing a Housing Crash

London, England in the UK and Seattle, Washington in the United States have also seen massive price drops in housing, along with other international prestige cities like Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane in Australia. The simple fact is the newer generations don’t make enough money to match the current inventory of housing and to keep the prices on an upward trajectory.

In fact, a shockingly large number of millennials still live at home with their parents. There are simply not enough high-paying jobs available to sustain the current housing bubble. Many people have seen rises in their basic costs of living from rent to food, to buying basic goods and even higher ticket items, as retail stores close in records numbers and malls go empty.

How to Protect Yourself from the Housing Crash

Harry Dent, economics analyst and demographic trends forecaster, is recommending that people sell all existing housing and get out of the market while they still can. Dent says the demographics simply aren’t there any more, as older generations age and go past the pinnacle of their peak-earning years, now readying for retirement, as is in the case with Japan, where the government is now literally giving abandoned houses in the countryside away for free or next to nothing.

With the younger generations lacking the purchasing power to step in and fill the void, existing houses will remain unsold, the building boom for housing will also slow leading to large Dow Jones companies like Caterpillar and big banks seeing losses on their balance sheets as well, and no real need for new houses, the current price of housing still has a long way to go further downward.

Consider selling off any extra homes you may have. Invest in a Gold IRA rollover and protect a significant percentage of your investing and retiring power with a time-tested asset that historically rises during times of worldwide economic instability, recession, or even depression.

If Only My College Professors Would Have Not Been Stuck Holding the Bag in 2008

L’augmentation de l’immigration en provenance du tiers monde cause-t-elle plus de punaises de lit?

immigration et punaises de lit

Corbeille dans les rues. La pauvreté. Un niveau généralement moins élevé de propreté et d’hygiène. Parasites. Ce sont les marques d’un pays du tiers monde. Et les punaises de lit.

Tandis qu’une personne d’origine japonaise qui a l’intention d’immigrer aux États-Unis doit subir plusieurs séries de dépistages et de tests, de contrôles et d’autres certifications d’arrière-plan, le ministère de la Sécurité intérieure, sous Obama, est littéralement envoyé à Aux États-Unis, et maintenant, Los Angeles lutte contre le 3e typhus mondial et le reste des États-Unis est en état de siège accru contre les punaises de lit.

Il en va de même pour l’augmentation du nombre d’infestations de punaises de lit en France, et il ne s’agit pas d’une augmentation du tourisme, comme le rapportent les médias «libéraux», car le tourisme en France a effectivement diminué ces dernières années, en raison de l’immigration illégale non contrôlée, des attaques terroristes.

En premier lieu, regardons l’immigration clandestine au début du XXIe siècle aux États-Unis.

augmentation de la population née à l'étranger et des immigrants clandestins

À peu près au même moment, l’augmentation du nombre de punaises de lit a également été documentée de manière presque parallèle.

graphique de la hausse des punaises de lit


Rendre illégaux les vieux pesticides comme le DDT n’est pas la cause du problème de la punaise de lit de la nation


Alors que le débat sur la mauvaise hygiène personnelle et la prévalence des punaises de lit fait rage, une autre construction gauchiste pour excuser et tenter de faire du vertueux un manque général de propreté et de pratiques sanitaires, seuls quelques-uns osent réellement souligner que le monde occidental a rendu le DDT illégal Il y a longtemps, en raison des effets secondaires négatifs liés à la lutte contre les punaises des lits, le véritable coupable est de laisser entrer les personnes qui ont beaucoup de punaises des lits.

Si cela rend seulement le DDT illégal en tant que pesticide entraînant la réapparition des punaises de lit, elles seraient alors revenues au début des années 1980, ce qu’elles n’ont pas fait. Ce n’est que vers le tournant du siècle que même des exterminateurs professionnels ont déploré que la moitié de leurs appels dans la région de New York soient consacrés au traitement des hystériques infestés par des punaises de lit.

se debarrasser de punaises de litDécouvrez comment éliminer et éliminer les punaises de lit en toute sécurité, naturellement et à moindre coût avec cet incroyable guide électronique ici:

C’est une mauvaise nouvelle, en particulier pour toutes les personnes qui se réveillent avec des taches de picotements rouges qui démangent et des nuits sans sommeil implacables.

Et ce n’est pas seulement Obama qui laissait entrer tous les clandestins, bien que c’était lui qui leur donnait des bons d’argent et des billets de bus gratuits où ils voulaient aller, illégalement, sans tenir compte des lois et politiques en matière d’immigration, qui étaient logiques et rationnelles de longue pays sur cette Terre, y compris le Mexique lui-même, pratique.

Au Kenya, un bus couvert de punaises de lit allant du point A au point B est littéralement infesté de milliers de punaises gênantes.

Immigration illégale = punaises de lit

Dans le climat politiquement correct d’aujourd’hui qui consiste à pardonner toujours à toute personne entrée illégalement dans votre pays qui ne parle pas anglais, tant qu’elle a la peau brune et s’appelle Mohammed ou Hector, pourquoi est-il si difficile d’imaginer que ces ravageurs et ces envahisseurs entrent ensemble au 1er monde moderne?

Quiconque a vécu dans le 3ème monde lui-même sait que la pauvreté et les pratiques de santé publique dégoûtantes, ou leur absence, ne sont aucune vertu. Même les gens qui y vivent le savent, ce qui explique en partie pourquoi ils fuient ces enfers.

Faisons une pause pour que tous les gauchistes se lamentent et signalent la vertu. Ok, passons…

Les pays du tiers monde ont toutes sortes de maladies que les sociétés modernes ont combattues et éliminées il y a des centaines d’années. Elles ne reviennent que lorsque nos chers politiciens de gauche ont jugé opportun de transmettre l’aide sociale à des non-citoyens, ainsi Département des véhicules à moteur de Californie lors de la délivrance des permis de conduire.

Faux blâme pour les punaises de lit

Beaucoup de gens blâment les punaises de lit en ignorant la punaise de lit de la taille d’un éléphant dans la chambre. Alors que l’immigration clandestine a grimpé en flèche dans des endroits comme la France et les États-Unis au cours des 20 dernières années, une augmentation tout aussi corrélative du nombre de punaises de lit s’est également produite. Le nier, c’est simplement détester les tableaux et les graphiques et négliger de manière flagrante l’évidence.

La combinaison de la fabrication illégale de pesticides chimiques dangereux mais efficaces pour les punaises de lit s’ajoutant au nombre illimité d’envahisseurs étrangers arrivant dans des pays autrefois civilisés et démocratiquement libres sièges rembourrés en tissu.

Great Side Hustles & Gigs for Servers, Bartenders and Waiters

great side jobs for waiters bartenders and restaurant serversIntroduction

Are you a server, bartender or waiter searching for a great side hustle to bolster your cash flow?

If your answer is yes, then this article will give you great ideas on how to make extra cash on the side. Side hustling has become a standard way of life for most employed people around the world.

As a waiter or a server, you may have only 3 or 4 shifts per week meaning that you are not making as much as you’d like, and you have enough time left over to look for side gigs or extra job that can help you make more money. Your restaurant job just gives you a steady income which in most cases is not able to cater for all your expenses. Life is not that steady, and thus you need a side hustle to pay your debts or increase your savings.

This article will provide information about great side hustles and gigs for servers and waiters you need to know.

Great Side Jobs for Servers and Waiters


If you possess any marketable skill such as content writing, graphic design, transcription, data entry, and SEO, then several websites will allow you to work from home during your leisure time and get paid for offering your services.

The good thing with this side type hustle is that you do not need anything to get started- only a computer and a stable internet connection. It is ideal because it has a low start-up cost and you will be paid for creating solutions for people who have problems around the world. Get out of your comfort zone and start to make money on various freelance websites like Upwork, Iwriter and Fiverr today.

Pet Sitting

If you want to make extra cash taking care of your favorite pets, then pet sitting is the side hustle that will help you make big bucks while doing what you love. There are several websites like that will pay you for offering pet sitting services. They have an app that will help you to market your services to dog or cat owners and your charges.

video training for making more tips for waiters bartenders and restaurant website actually offers you a free $24.99 eGuide on starting your own pet sitting or dog walking business from home when you pick up their Waiting Tables Video Master Class which shows waiters, servers, and bartenders the secrets to making more tips!

Selling Stuff on eBay and Amazon

Selling items on eBay and Amazon can be a profitable side hustle that can help you to supplement your salary. You do not need to have prior experience to get started. You can start by selling all your unwanted furniture in your house. However, you need totake high-quality photos of your products before you post them on eBay or Amazon for sale.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative side hustle that can help you to earn a lot of dollars or go home with nothing. The secret lies in identifying the right brand that you want to partner with among other factors. If you decide to become an affiliate of an e-commerce store, then your profit will be lower than when you dropship them alone. However, some tech companies will pay you handsomely for bringing in new clients.


Catering jobs on the side are a great way to build your hospitality and waiting/bartending resume while you get paid and learn more at the same time. Additionally, you may even be able to wear the same black slacks that you normally wear to work at your restaurant job, to your catering gigs. At least that’s what I used to do.

Catering is not the worst side gig, but it can get pretty boring fast too. Trading time for money all the time really gets old.

Conclusion on Great Side Gig Ideas for Servers and Waiters

Side hustles can help you to earn an extra income and develop new skills which will make you productive at your workplace. If you are looking for ways of supplementing your income, then you need to try some of the great side hustles for servers and waiters discussed above.

One of the best ways to make more money as a server, waiter or bartender, is to simply make the most of your time when you are at work. Find out how you can increase your tip amount with the Waiting Tables Vieo Master Class. Here is a sample video below:

No Pull Hands Free Dog Leash Giveaway & Off Leash Dog Training Tips

stop dog from pulling leash training and tipsTired of your dog jerking and tugging on you during walks? A no pull hands free dog leash could be just the solution for you and your pup, and the Good Hound could hook you up with a free one at that in April of 2018.

What started out as an item of necessity for the leash’s producer- making a homemade no-hands dog leash tying a normal black leash to his belt using a carabiner- has come a long way to make your life easier when keeping your dog from running away or tying you up frustratingly the next time you’re out for a walk.

A Hands Free Dog Leash is the Runner’s Best Friend


Before you get your own hands free dog leash for running and hit the fields and trails for a run with your furry dog companion, it will be best to optimize your dog’s behavior by training it for off leash movement first. It sounds harder than what it actually is.

Leash Training Tips for Dogs

First, you will want to do an engaged walk with your dog, rewarding your dog for good behavior and throttling its opportunity to sniff to let it know that it has some autonomy during your walks. This means during your walk, stopping when your dog wants to investigate the surrounding area. Dogs know their world through their sense of smell. They will want to smell and mark shrubs, bushes, trees, light poles, walls, corners, fence posts, and everything else that another dog or small hairy mammal has graced with its presence.

best hands free dog leash for training dogs off leash for runningSimply using both hands to control the leash and gently correct your dog’s tendency to go off course for a few minutes of disciplined walking, followed by a few breaks where you pause and let the dog “stop and smell the roses”, is going to subconsciously show your dog that you 2 are a team, and that sometimes, it’s ok to stop and sniff, and other times, your overall mission to keep moving towards your next destination takes precedence.

Once your dog starts to accept your on-leash commands (remember, commands don’t have to be loud and forceful, let your dog understand your non verbal cues for greatest success long-term), then you’ll be ready to transition to an off-leash outing.

Off Leash Dog Training Tips

Once your dog accepts your on-leash direction, then you can transition to an off leash experience. You will want to practice keeping your dog on track during your off leash walk as much as possible. You may find that your dog is not manageable but for a few minutes of off leash time together before it deviates and gets lost in the bushes smelling what a squirrel left for open public discovery and discussion earlier that day. Off leash activity is a behavior that requires persistent practice and your dog being used to it.

Another great way to get your dog used to off leash commands is to take his or her leash off before you get in the car, and simply tell your dog to jump in the car, and also when you are about to go in the house. You can take your dog’s leash off after a walk right before you enter your house. And then you can tell them to go in the house. Your dog is more likely to listen to you after you’ve been out walking and team building for an evening. It will then get used to taking gentle orders from you and see you as not such a bad guy after all.

Hands free dog walking is like off leash but a little different

Once your dog gets used to off leash/no leash walking and regular leash training, then your hands free dog leash will be a fine balance between the 2, and the bungee cord for the adjustable hands free dog harness will help diminish any sudden tugging or attempts to deviate course.

It’s almost easier to run with your dog on a hands free leash, because often once a dog gets started running with you, it will also understand that it needs to keep going just like you. My dog can run an hour easily and we used to go on runs on California beaches during our camping and road trip days.

If you want to get one of 25 free hands free dog leashes being given out by the Good Hound, visit TrueGritProductions on YouTube and subscribe, where the official giveaway video will be posted in April of 2018. The hands free dog lead by the Good Hound also comes with a free detachable doggie poop bag holder for convenient cleanups of those unexpected doggy messes in public or state parks.

The Good Hound Hands Free Dog Leash with FREE Poop Bag Holder

La plaga de las chinches de cama

En la actualidad las plagas de insectos se presentan con mucha frecuencia en los hogares, por ejemplo, es común que en las épocas de calor las plagas de cucarachas y chinches de cama se presenten en el domicilio de las familias.

chinches de cama invaden espanaUna de las ventajas a mencionar, es que las plagas de insectos pueden ser controladas de manera eficiente con el fin de beneficiar la salud de las personas.

Chinches de Cama

Cabe mencionar que una de las plagas que más están afectando los hogares, es la plaga de las chinches de cama, estos insectos representan una calamidad que las familias deben evitar, para poder habitar en hogar saludable y seguro, sin riesgos de padecer de graves enfermedades.

Conforme al aumento que ha tenido la plaga de chinches, las personas se ven obligadas a contratar los servicios de empresas especializadas en el control de plagas que afectan la salud. Es importante mencionar, que la plaga de chinches de cama afecta de manera directa la productividad, la salud y la comodidad de las personas, por lo tanto es importante erradicarla de manera eficiente y segura.

La plaga de chinches de cama cada vez está en aumento, lo que representa que varias familias se vean a obligadas a invertir su dinero en limpieza profesional de su hogar. En este caso las empresas de control de plagas, tienen la amplia capacidad de brindar un servicio especializado, para controlar las plagas de insectos.

Los hogares siempre deben mantenerse sanos, limpios y libres de insectos, las chinches de cama son una plaga que causa molestias para poder dormir con comodidad, por lo tanto, las personas que trabajan y tienen chinches en su cama, pueden bajar la productividad en su trabajo, porque no pueden descansar correctamente.

Donde se esta escondiendo las chinches de cama

La plaga de chinches de cama son una de las más costosas y difíciles para erradicarla, realmente en el mercado no existe un insecticida que sea capaz de erradicar completamente las chinches, por lo tanto,es recomendable que los especialistas en el control de plagas, le brinden asistencia personalizada y segura a todos los hogares que sean afectados por la molesta plaga de chinches.

El costo para controlar la plaga de chinches es muy competitivo, los especialistas ocupan de un químico especial y de maquinarias eficientes, para brindar un excelente servicio al momento de controlar y erradicar las chinches de cama que afectan la comodidad de las familias.

La población por lo general tiende a confundir las chinches con otros insectos como las pulgas o cucarachas pequeñas. Las chinches adultas tienen el cuerpo ovalado del tamaño de una semilla de manzana, con color rojo óxido.

como erradicar picaduras de chinches de cama

Las personas tienen que participar en la erradicación de las plagas de chinches de los hogares, es recomendable que las familias afectadas con esta plaga, se comuniquen con especialistas de control de plagas de insectos, para que les brinden una solución viable y efectiva..

Las chinches de cama pueden provocar varios padecimientos como ser anemia, ansiedad, depresión e insomnio. La plaga de estos insectos puede afectar negocios y hogares, debido a que se pueden encontrar en muebles, camas, cortinas, cuadros, conexiones eléctricas, grietas, etc.

Lo ideal es que las familias contraten los servicios de empresas de controlar de plagas, para que puedan habitar en un ambiente saludable.

The Perfect Job/Business for College Students: Become a Dog Walker or Dog Sitter

A Great Money Making Opportunity for College Students

become a dog walker and be your own bossMany college students will be returning to school after the Christmas break ready to start a new semester, but will also be looking for ways to pay for their tuition/living expenses with a job or some type of money making gig. College students typically have random schedules and have to attend class and study at odd hours, precluding them from many “normal” jobs.

Additionally, many college students don’t want the average run-of-the-mill clerk job at a retail store (if you can even find one in this economy). They may not want to wait wait tables for cash, though it’s not a bad way to go either to build customer service experience.

Signing Up With My Review

*Rover makes it easy to start out getting some gigs

*Rover takes 15 – 20% of what you earn, which is not terribly bad

*Rover is fairly well-established and their business is growing, but if they catch you doing private deals off of the customer leads they give you, they’ll zap your profile off their site

Starting Your Own Dog Walking/Sitting Business from Home

*Starting a dog sitting/dog walking business requires very little startup capital

*Having a basic website with contact info that is search engine friendly can be super helpful and make a huge difference in getting new clients

*Passing out fliers to local dog businesses can speed up your acquisition of paying customers

*Getting an brief but concise training program on how to become a dog walker or dog sitter can be the difference between having a few hundred bucks a month extra or being able to turn this into a full-time income.

*You’ve achieved massive success if you have to start turning down customers. Now it’s time to hire some employees and make them do the work for you!

*The hardest part is getting started. You’ll gain most of the important knowledge from just trying and learning hands on!

The best parts of having your own dog walking business

*Fun- work with dogs

*Freedom- work when you want, as much as you want

*You are the boss- no more people breathing down your neck at work watching your every move

*Income potential- you are no longer limited by the hours you work and a set hourly wage

*Entrepreneur experience- running a business and making your own money will unlock your human potential like nothing else. Enjoy it, learn from it, and become the next big thing!

Is Bedroom Guardian a Scam? It’s Actually Much Worse Than That

best natural bed bug killerBed bugs are a growing problem in the world today and along with that problem, comes the opportunists, government regulation, existing monopolies, consumer confusion, and overall lack of general knowledge available to the public.

Bedroom Guardian: the Ultimate Bed Bug Scam

A company by the name of Bedroom Guardian has been operating on the internet with impunity for the last 6 years, selling an illegal pesticide to kill bed bugs that takes advantage of the most impoverished and uneducated people of the free world for financial gain.

bedroom guardian scam reviewBased out of Hong Kong with a front company in the USA under the name of Bedroom Guardian LLC, they along with Affiliate Crossing / Nutryst (now AC Nutryst) have used Google Adwords advertising and mobile apps advertising to lure in potential customers to buying a product that has the following major discrepancies:

1. Bedroom Guardian does NOT list their ingredients, so how do you know it’s safe?
2. Bedroom Guardian is NOT a registered pesticide with the Environmental Protection Agency, thus making it illegal.
3. Bedroom Guardian takes your credit card information, and then charges you EVERY month until you cancel, thus taking full advantage of your bad situation and potentially making it much worse.
4. Bedroom Guardian sends you a TINY amount of product, so that you can need more by next month, or at least think you need more.
5. Bedroom Guardian requires that you call and cancel, which could mean waiting on hold for up to an hour only to have someone in the Phillpines ask you why you want to cancel and attempt to persuade you not to.
6. Bedroom Guardian‘s marketing team (ACNutryst) has been notified on numerous occasions that they are selling an illegal pesticide, and yet they continue.
7. Bedroom Guardian‘s marketing team openly brags about not paying their taxes, and inverting their companies overseas to avoid tax liability, while ripping off Americans, Canadians, British and the French which comprise the majority of their customer base.
8. Bedroom Guardian was fined $10,000.00 in September of 2016 by the State of Wyoming in the US, and has not complied with requests to pay the fine or change their practices.
9. Bedroom Guardian knowingly and falsely claims an exemption as a “mechanical device” under EPA law, which only applies to things like mouse and rat traps.

Yes, Bedroom Guardian by all metrics qualifies to be your local crack cocaine dealer and who knows, they might have a hand in that as well, or they’re definitely missing out.

Bed bugs have become a problem again since the days of old because many “modern” chemical pesticides of 100 years ago, which were effective in killing the little buggers, were deemed unsafe and taken off the market by the government, and likely, rightfully so.

After all, if you have to nuke your entire home to get rid of some bugs, but it gives your kids autism in the process and your immune system permanent dysfunction, did you really solve anything?

Now the public is faced with a major resurgence of bed bugs, with no solution in sight, or so it would seem. This has left the door wide open for bed bug exterminators and internet marketers to take absolute advantage of the unfortunate folks dealing with a bed bug infestation.

The Costs of a Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed bug treatments by a professional exterminator can run anywhere from $300 to $1500 USD, and require up to 3 treatments. That means worst case scenario of almost $5,000.00. Wow.

Imagine someone coming into your home and charging you out the wazoo, nuking your house with chemicals, promising you it’s safe (oh yeah sure it is), only for the bed bugs to return in a month or so.

What can consumers do then to stop bed bugs?

With the existing monopolies on the market for killing bed bugs, either with chemicals or naturally, bed bug victims will have to either do lots of their own research or rely on people and companies that already have. One such company is Defensive End! which runs a website that guides consumers to an all-natural, safe and effective, locally sourced and produced, best natural bed bug killer that does not break the bank, and is safe enough for pets and kids.

They act as an online service to send you a product that stays good forever, so long as it doesn’t get wet. That means you can put the all-natural bed bug solution in your home according to their instructional video, and leave it there indefinitely. Defensive End! claims to solve people’s bed bug problem for good for under $100 which by all means makes it a home run for people who choose to not spend days and weeks of guesswork, research, or driving around town asking snot nosed retail associates what works.

Right, some teenager on their iPhone is going to know how to solve your monumental bed bug problem. When they’re not being completely rude to you and laughing at you under their breath like a bunch of scumbags.

Good luck, and get rid of those bed bugs the best way you can. There are solutions, you just have to do your due diligence and find them!