How Long Should a Good Mattress Last You, and When is it Time to Get a New Mattress?

when to replace your mattressAs a consumer, you pride yourself on keeping your life up to date. You try to embrace new technologies and stay up with what’s going on in the world. If your computer isn’t the getting the job done, you upgrade it, which applies to other essential items you have which includes your mattress.

So when was the last time that you upgraded your mattress?

It’s over a decade old…

Mattress manufacturers generally recommend that you buy a new mattress every ten years or so. That’s because many of them are not designed to maintain maximum quality and comfort after that period of time.

You see rips or tears in it…

Even normal use of a mattress can result in soft spots, rips, or protruding springs. Be sure to look at the underside of the mattress for splits or slits in the fabric as well.

You’re worried about allergies

Another big reason to upgrade is that old mattresses are breeding grounds for allergens, dust mites, and germs – all of which can have an adverse effect on your health. Think about it. You’ve undoubtedly washed your blankets, sheets, and mattress pad many times. But how often have you actually cleaned your mattress?

Why Your Mattress Should Be Comfortable

You’re tired of tossing and turning…

People move around in bed because they have trouble getting comfortable. If you’ve just noticed this bedtime trend but haven’t experienced any health issues which may have caused it, your mattress may be changing shape to the point where it is affecting your comfort.

It sags or bunches…

Again, even normal wear can result in peaks, valleys, bumps, and trenches in your mattress. Some mattresses even droop on a slant, giving you the sensation of sleeping on an incline. The Dreamcloud hybrid mattress with foam and springs is hand-tufted so that no matter how often you sleep in the same position, the materials cannot move laterally and spread thin.

You’re experiencing morning stiffness or back pain…

Because worn out mattresses change their shape, your body may be adjusting to it in an unconstructive way. If you’re waking up with overall stiffness, sore muscles, an aching back, or arms or legs that have “fallen asleep,” it’s very likely being caused by an old mattress.

It’s too small…

When you bought your mattress, you may have lived in an apartment or a house with a smaller bedroom; and now your bed looks too small for the room it’s in. Or perhaps you or your sleeping partner have put on some weight since you purchased your mattress and need to upgrade to a larger size.

It was your sleeping partner’s mattress…

It’s common for couples who marry and/or move in together to choose one of their two mattresses to sleep on and either throw away the other one or keep it in a spare bedroom. There’s a good chance that the mattress you’re sleeping on was originally purchased with only one person in mind.

You’re older now…

You probably tested your mattress before you bought it, and you selected it because it felt good to you – at the time. But your body has aged and changed since then, and there’s a good chance that if you checked out mattresses today, you would prefer a softer or firmer mattress than the one you liked back then.

When to throw out your old mattress- every 10 years

You do a great job of upgrading the items that are essential in your life. But you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of your mattress. After all, you spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping on it, so you need to make sure that it suits your body perfectly.

Because if you’re not sleeping well, it can have all sorts of negative effects on your health and well-being. So why put it off any longer? Upgrade your old mattress now!

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