Covid Didn’t Stop Bed Bugs Like They Had Hoped

Yes, the experts expected a drop in bed bugs, since there would be less international and daily travel occurring in people’s daily lives, but now they’re saying it’s getting worse than ever.

Women professional basketball players were even reported to have discovered bed bugs in the living facilities provided by the league in their current quarantined training camp.

Some people may have thought the WNBA players were overreacting a little, but for the average person it is completely healthy to be a little wary of bed bugs according to one doctor and researcher from Montreal.

It’s not only the itchy bites that harm people where there are bed bug infestations, it can actually cause significant psychological strain and stress, and can even lead some to anxiety and depression.

What Else Makes Bed Bugs So Hard to Get Rid Of?

One of the biggest hurdles that people must overcome is the price of effective bed bug extermination, whether that be via a professional or do-it-yourself. The real issue with pro pest control is the price.

The average cost of bed bug treatment is said to be anywhere from $800 – $1200 for a small home or apartment.

Even the entrepreneurs who created an AI device that detects bed bugs and communicates with a central node were asked repeatedly how much their bed bug detection device would cost per room by investors during the gadget’s exhibition.

More Complications Dealing With Bed Bugs

On top of the prohibitively expensive cost for an effective bed bug solution is the fact that you may eliminate them once, but they keep returning. This occurs frequently with bed bugs in multi-dwelling houses and duplexes.

The bed bugs are often found and eradicated in one unit, but the main source of infestation is another unit sharing a wall next door. These situations often require anywhere from 2 or 3 up to 20 or even 30 visits by the pest control company and really start to rack up the costs, ranging in the hundreds of thousands of dollars when all is said and done.

Fortunately there are some low-cost, effective solutions out there, but people have to look hard for them because the government’s regulation is preventing new products from coming to market without millions of dollars in investment money for licensing and production.

One such natural solution for bed bugs is found on the website Check them out and see if you can find something that works for under a hundred bucks.