Parents vs. Schools: Who Wins and Loses in the Fight Against Bed Bugs

In what’s become a casually intrusive society due to social media, the fight against bed bugs has taken another strange turn. This time, schools are suspending students and threatening parents who complain about bed bugs and post videos of them on their social media accounts.

That’s exactly what happened to one student and his family in South Allegheny, PA this year when they took to social media purporting to show a video of a bed bug crawling around school.

Bed bug infestations in school have become far too common lately in the US, with incidents in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina

Parents pull their kids out of school in Denver, CO

The Power of Bed Bugs to Bring Down Cities

After a dead man was found on the New York Subway System recently, bed bugs have once again been the excuse for officials shutting down a significant section of trains during peak times, leaving riders stranded.

Even the bed bug K9 unit was unable to detect the bed bugs initially that caused the MTA control tower in Queens to take a massive amount of trains and lines out of service.

So common are bed bugs to frequenting public transportation, in Phoenix just last year they had to replace entire rows and sections of seating in the waiting areas at the airport due to a bed bug infestation.

Then, you have your college dorms which can also be notorious for having a bedbug problem (and not effectively eliminating them for residents). Basically anywhere people sit or sleep can harbor the potential for a rash of bed bug bites.

Where is the Public Response to Bed Bugs?

French officials recently put forth the suggestion of starting a government service to provide subsidized or free bed bug extermination in their homes. France’s bed bug problem has also increased dramatically over recent years, with the cost of the average bed bug removal costing anywhere on average for around $350 – $500- clearly a financial strain on any individual or family.

While some might applaud the government raising the idea for a public service to stop bed bugs, the reality is not only is it not enough, it’s actually a step in the wrong direction.

One of, if not the biggest, reasons for the ongoing worldwide bed bug epidemic is the fact that natural, safe, and effective bed bug pesticides have been kept from public knowledge due mainly to the fact the government maintains a tight monopoly over all pesticide producers, offering few to no exemptions even for some bed bug killers safe enough to eat for humans.

This is why the website exists, to match consumers with a solution that costs less than $100 without having to pay the big bucks for professional heat treatment or potentially dangerous chemicals from fumigation.

Government Needs to Take the Right Action Against Bed Bugs

I have been in the natural bed bug removal business for almost 6 years now, and what I’ve learned is that the incompetence, largess, and greed of the government prevents the very solution from ever truly seeing the light of day.

Complaining to government about the problem is like asking your kidnapper for a pillow to make your hostage stay a little more cozy.