No Pull Hands Free Dog Leash Giveaway & Off Leash Dog Training Tips

stop dog from pulling leash training and tipsTired of your dog jerking and tugging on you during walks? A no pull hands free dog leash could be just the solution for you and your pup, and the Good Hound could hook you up with a free one at that in April of 2018.

What started out as an item of necessity for the leash’s producer- making a homemade no-hands dog leash tying a normal black leash to his belt using a carabiner- has come a long way to make your life easier when keeping your dog from running away or tying you up frustratingly the next time you’re out for a walk.

A Hands Free Dog Leash is the Runner’s Best Friend


Before you get your own hands free dog leash for running and hit the fields and trails for a run with your furry dog companion, it will be best to optimize your dog’s behavior by training it for off leash movement first. It sounds harder than what it actually is.

Leash Training Tips for Dogs

First, you will want to do an engaged walk with your dog, rewarding your dog for good behavior and throttling its opportunity to sniff to let it know that it has some autonomy during your walks. This means during your walk, stopping when your dog wants to investigate the surrounding area. Dogs know their world through their sense of smell. They will want to smell and mark shrubs, bushes, trees, light poles, walls, corners, fence posts, and everything else that another dog or small hairy mammal has graced with its presence.

best hands free dog leash for training dogs off leash for runningSimply using both hands to control the leash and gently correct your dog’s tendency to go off course for a few minutes of disciplined walking, followed by a few breaks where you pause and let the dog “stop and smell the roses”, is going to subconsciously show your dog that you 2 are a team, and that sometimes, it’s ok to stop and sniff, and other times, your overall mission to keep moving towards your next destination takes precedence.

Once your dog starts to accept your on-leash commands (remember, commands don’t have to be loud and forceful, let your dog understand your non verbal cues for greatest success long-term), then you’ll be ready to transition to an off-leash outing.

Off Leash Dog Training Tips

Once your dog accepts your on-leash direction, then you can transition to an off leash experience. You will want to practice keeping your dog on track during your off leash walk as much as possible. You may find that your dog is not manageable but for a few minutes of off leash time together before it deviates and gets lost in the bushes smelling what a squirrel left for open public discovery and discussion earlier that day. Off leash activity is a behavior that requires persistent practice and your dog being used to it.

Another great way to get your dog used to off leash commands is to take his or her leash off before you get in the car, and simply tell your dog to jump in the car, and also when you are about to go in the house. You can take your dog’s leash off after a walk right before you enter your house. And then you can tell them to go in the house. Your dog is more likely to listen to you after you’ve been out walking and team building for an evening. It will then get used to taking gentle orders from you and see you as not such a bad guy after all.

Hands free dog walking is like off leash but a little different

Once your dog gets used to off leash/no leash walking and regular leash training, then your hands free dog leash will be a fine balance between the 2, and the bungee cord for the adjustable hands free dog harness will help diminish any sudden tugging or attempts to deviate course.

It’s almost easier to run with your dog on a hands free leash, because often once a dog gets started running with you, it will also understand that it needs to keep going just like you. My dog can run an hour easily and we used to go on runs on California beaches during our camping and road trip days.

If you want to get one of 25 free hands free dog leashes being given out by the Good Hound, visit TrueGritProductions on YouTube and subscribe, where the official giveaway video will be posted in April of 2018. The hands free dog lead by the Good Hound also comes with a free detachable doggie poop bag holder for convenient cleanups of those unexpected doggy messes in public or state parks.

The Good Hound Hands Free Dog Leash with FREE Poop Bag Holder