Is Trump’s Dept of Transportation Decision to Curb Sleep Apnea Legislation Making Us Safer?

sleep apnea Trump safety ruling for truck driversI argue yes.

Safer from government over-regulation and forced medicalization of Americans, anyway.

Recently President Donald J Trump’s DOT decided to shelf a motion seeking to apply a strict new set of rules regarding sleep apnea on the nation’s truck drivers. On the surface this might seem like your normal pro-business expected Trumpian and GOP styled response to a matter of this nature.

However, once you take a look at the numbers like we’ll be doing today, you will quickly see the giant room for fraud, waste and abuse had this issue simply been given the rubber stamp of government approval.

obstructive sleep apnea disorderObstructive sleep apnea, where a person has anywhere from 5 – 50 episodes of stopping breathing while sleeping per hour, is the typical form of sleep apnea many adults experience as they head into their late 30’s and early 40’s. But Americans have disproportionately high rates of sleep apnea, and truckers even more so, due to a large percentage of Americans being overweight and leading sedentary lifestyles devoid of proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Still No Cure for Sleep Apnea


In fact, there is no cure for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea’s baby brother is snoring, which is a strong indicator that sleep apnea may develop in the person who snores. The most commonly known treatment method of sleep apnea is the CPAP machine, which delivers Continuous Positive Airway Pressure into the mouth, throat, and eventually down the pipes to the lungs.

Sleep apnea, while potentially fatal to the sufferer, can also become a public danger as well. Lack of concentration, drowsiness, high blood pressure, enlarged heart, and higher risk of stroke and heart attack as well as depression, can lead to a higher risk of automobile accidents, especially if you are driving 8 hours a day.

But as a person who himself has never been a professional truck driver, I have lived the mobile lifestyle, living out of hotels and traveling the entire Western United States extensively. To be honest I have had a disproportionately low rate of near-accidents or dangerous driving scenarios featuring a snoring CDL holder (commercial driver’s license).

That’s why to me the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is appearing to overstep the bounds of fairness and normalcy for all Americans by attempting to unfairly hold truck drivers to higher standards than the average American, who is also highly likely to be overweight, and thus at the same risk of sleep apnea.

It also appears as yet another attempt by a bloated federal government sub agency attempting to be relevant by attempting to create a set of rules for others to follow.

Relevance = same budget as last year or more for my office (in federal government employee and agency director thinking)

When I was in the US Navy, our office Senior Chief always encouraged us to use every last resource that was in the office so that our budget would never decrease.

This also attempts to be an attempt to sell wares on behalf of the medical industry. Let me explain.

high bmi truck driver sleep apneaThe most common form of treatment for sleep apnea is the CPAP, which means lots of doctor’s visits, expensive equipment, and tons of money for all involved. Other alternative and more affordable options include the sleep apnea mouthpiece, though cutting out alcohol, eating right, and getting lots of exercise seem to be the only true form of stopping the throat and neck mass of the human body from sinking back and obstructing the throat and airway throughout the night.

This is why many people just go with the CPAP because it’s the most common status quo treatment.

But even the CPAP is NOT going to cure sleep apnea. It may be better than nothing, but get this- once you start CPAP, if you stop, you are at EVEN GREATER RISK of dying in your sleep or having fatal complications from sleep apnea.

And why many people opt for a safer, less expensive and committal solution to sleep apnea and snoring:

So when the FMCSA wants to require truck drivers with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of higher than 40 to get immediate treatment within 90 days (which means a CPAP in other words), and since at least 38% of all American truck drivers are officially rated as obese, and there are 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the US, then this means on CPAP machines alone not even counting the cost of doctor’s visits and associate fees, an astounding

4.5 billion dollars

But I’m sure you don’t see any insurance companies or medical companies complaining.

In fact, if this doesn’t sound like a combination of Atlas Shrugged and Obamacare combined, then what else would you call it? Of course, those insurance companies and medical companies would probably prefer to just legislate the requirement for every man, woman, child, and dog in America to have a sleep apnea machine.

And if they don’t?

It’s all Trump’s fault. And a Russian conspiracy too. Still kids, don’t take naps at the wheel, or else this will happen:

The Only Cure to Sleep Apnea is Weight Loss and Exercise


See official government health facts of long-haul truck drivers to include obesity and smoking rates

Snoring Solution


snoring-solSnoring solutions are in demand nowadays; many people are suffering from this sleeping disorder. Snoring can be a minor inconvenience if we consider the sound level and it can be dangerous for your health if you’re waking up many times a night because your brain is not getting enough oxygen.

Those people nearby you are suffering too they might not get enough sleep, or they cannot reach deep sleep, and by this their next day performance will be lousy. Read on and find out some great snoring solutions to cure the problem.

Effect of lack of sleep
The lack or quality of the sleep can lead to many things like mood swings, great irritation state, and low focusing skill and in extreme cases, it can destroy relationships. There are so many reasons why snoring can occur there is not a universal cure for it. Continue reading on, and you will find some easy and effective treatments.


Side sleeping
One good snoring solution is sleeping on the side. Going through some statistical data sleeping on the back is one of the main reasons why people snore, changing the position how you sleep can be as simple as it gets. At first, it is not easy if you have accustomed your self-sleeping on your back for many many years, each time when you go to sleep on your side, it not only cures snoring but it’s beneficial for the spine. To keep yourself from rolling back to your back try hugging a pillow or putting a pillow behind your back.

Raising of height of your head

Another good solution is to raise the height of your head, use, and extra pillow, so your body will be slightly lower than your head, this will prevent your airways to be blocked. The main snoring solution is simply that anybody can apply.

Avoid as much as possible big meals before you go to sleep, this snoring solution relies on preventing snoring altogether. Keep a 3-hour window between a large meal and sleeping time. Also, try not to drink any alcohol during this window. Alcohol and large meals tend to relax the throat muscles so they might obscure the air path leading to snoring.

These were a few simple but effective snoring solutions, most times if you use common sense then you can easily get rid of the snoring problem. Don does not forget getting rid of snore will help you get a good night sleep and it will keep you from health hazards.


Along with natural snoring solutions, there are also solutions for snoring that can be bought in the store. There some strips that can be placed on the nose, known for opening up the nasal passages so that breathing can be better and sleep better, without snoring. These nasal strips are quite popular among snorers, and most people notice a significant change in their sleep.

Along with the strips, there are also mouthpieces that can be worn at night for people who snore. The majority of individuals who snore have noticed a huge difference and a major decrease in their snoring after they started wearing the mouthpiece, which happens to be custom fitted.